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From humble beginnings to an established professional major builder, our passion and commitment to home
building spans over three generations. Today with over 40 years of experience the Fowler brand is well known
in the building industry, winning multiple awards for architectural design and safety.


The success story of Fowler Homes comes from a family history of building in their blood. In 1978 Peter Fowler Grippaudo joined the building industry as a concreter with great ambitions to become a builder and build quality homes for Australian families.

Peter became a partner with his father-in-law Loreto Paris in Fowler Concrete at the tender age of 19 with both Peter and Loreto’s hard work ethic they worked long hours providing manual labour during the day and completing paperwork at night, soon after Peter and his wife Gabriella would take over the business and continue where Loreto took off and eventually went on to employ over 40 concreters brought their own trucks, plant and machinery and became a well known professional concrete company.

Throughout the years to come Peter would build speculative homes for investment which kept the passion alive for his love of building homes and eventually would go on to establish Fowler Homes in 1994 and completed his Diploma in building.


Our commitment spans over 3 generations.

The love of building continued when In 1998 Peter & Gabriella’s son Frank joined the company also starting out as concreter and then went on to do his Diploma in building and refuelled Peter’s passion for building when Frank started building client contracted homes. Immediately Frank worked on a plan to design architectural homes and established the Fowler brand by building the first of many display homes across Sydney & The Hunter Region.

Frank is now the Group Managing Director and is now responsible for Fowler’s direction and brand. Frank’s vision is clear and his hunger for success and perfection is unsurpassed, Frank’s goal for Fowler Homes is to be recognised for its outstanding and creative architectural designs and beautiful quality homes which will always remain the ultimate pride of the families who enjoy and live in them.

Today with over 40 years of experience the Fowler brand is well known in the building industry, winning multiple awards for architectural design and safety.


When you choose Fowler Homes, you’re choosing not to settle for standard. We have carefully created our designs and inclusions with comfort, modern layouts and uniqueness to ensure the ultimate living experience for our clients. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re dealing with industry professionals with over 40 years of experience who have won multiple awards for architectural design, quality and safety.

We provide you with exceptional homes at exceptional value and luxury without the premium price tag, never compromising the design, structural integrity, service or attention to detail. We don’t believe in just a base price; we give you the complete picture with no hidden surprises and a building contract with a fixed price including site costs which is only subject to things out of our control. It is honesty, confidence and transparency that you can expect from Fowler Homes.

We have created a tried and tested smooth process to ensure your journey is a successful one, delivered by our dedicated team who are committed to handing over your dream home and exceeding your expectations at every stage.

Designed to be different, we think outside the square. We are not just another home builder. Our homes offer difference and individuality leaving a lasting impression on those who experience them. This is achieved through endless research on consumer wants and needs together with the latest trends and products ensuring we are at the forefront of innovation.

One innovation we are truly proud to offer you is our Fowler Flexibility floor plan options, giving you multiple design choices and the ability to personalise your own home to suit your needs, desires, style and budget.


“From our family to your family, we thank
you for choosing Fowler Homes and we look
forward to making your dream a reality.”

Frank Grippaudo, Managing Director

our philosophy

Fowler Homes builds to the high level of quality associated with custom homes however priced comparable to a project home builder.

Our flexibility in modifying our designs to suit the customer’s needs provides additional choices to our clients, which is not readily offered or available from other builders. We have strong relationships with our suppliers which provide our customers with the best products available and a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to building. We have the expertise to advise our clients of a range of quality finishes, colour schemes & designs.

We promote to our clients that we are prepared to take the hassle out of building, we will project manage the entire process from the initial design phase through to the finishing touches. Your building experience will be a positive one.

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