Building your dream home is a very exciting journey.
Fowler Homes prides itself on delivering a positive building experience from Sales right through to Maintenance.
Our clients become an extension of the Fowler Family!
When we receive client testimonials like the below it reminds us of why we love what we do!
We are always updating this page with new testimonials so keep an eye out.

Our build started in January 2019, we met with Mick the building supervisor and from the moment we met him we were impressed with his professionalism and manner.

We were provided weekly updates and he was absolutely fantastic throughout the process with no issues along the way.

We chose to have an independent inspection done prior to handover and the building inspector was extremely pleased and advised they could not find a defect and couldnt believe the home had been finished to such a high standard.

I can’t speak more highly of Mick and his team, thank you so much, I look forward to enjoying our new home. My wife loves the Monaco 245 house design, and Im most appreciative to be walking away with a completed house and no critical issues having to be handled along the way.

Thank you Fowler homes and Mick for making our dream home become reality.
Raj & Sarika
Sydney, NSW
Extremely happy with the build from start to finish.
The Pre-construction team was very helpful, informative and enthusiastic to make sure the build started on the right foot.
The office-based construction was diligent, on time and informative with all emails and correspondence about the build.

Mick our site manager has been extremely helpful throughout the entire process, he is very particular, meticulous and strives for a perfect finish.
He ensured with every minor setback or issue was resolved quickly and always was transparent about it,
(the worst thing about a problem is not knowing about it), so thank you for everything, we wouldn’t have the home the way it is without him.
It isn’t hard to tell why Fowler Homes have been operating for over 40 years and continue to win awards year after year.
Sydney, NSW
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you both, Scott McKillop (Site Supervisor) and Lidia Milostic (Client Service Administrator) for your professionalism, patience, time, efforts and skilful management of the build of our double storey home.

You were polite, helpful and pleased to answer any of our questions and promptly responded with information that required follow-up.

Similarly, when you met with us you were professional, well prepared, down to earth, consultative and confident.

We were thrilled at the way, in which you facilitated a timely build of our home with the quality of work presented at completion and are delighted by your forward planning.

Clearly you demonstrate a great rapport with your Clients and indubitably create a level of confidence that is exceptional for Clients.

We would have no hesitation in recommending you and Lidia as our Builders’ of choice to those who are looking for a quality service that satisfies all parties.

We are overjoyed to be in our new home - thank you!! :)
M & S
Sydney, NSW
From start to finish the whole process has been smooth and easy. Its not the first home I’ve built so I do have experience on the whole process and this time around it has been so easy and refreshing.

From the minute we picked the house design to the day we got our keys I couldn’t fault one single worker in the process. Frank the owner even decided to take part in the process to ensure us that the build was going to be perfect.

We decided to build the beautiful Havana 38 Design and upgrade almost just like their display home in Marsden park. We knew what quality we wanted and we sure as hell got better than what was expected or on display.

Once the home was picked the whole process was very smooth thanks to Piera & Christian who were very understanding through the whole colour selection and administration process. This is normally a nightmare part but they took their time to help and explain every part of the process.

The best part about the whole process was dealing with our building supervisor Mick, the building was made easy thanks to him. Every step of the way he let us know what was going on via email or a phone call which is appreciated. He was always ready to hear what you wanted and never made a decision without letting us know that’s what he was thinking then let us have the last say.

I would defiantly recommend building with FOWLER homes to everyone and anyone one looking at building the perfect home. The amount of compliments this house has gotten is out of this world and 2 friends of mine have now in the process of building with fowler.
Hassan Aly
Sydney, NSW
Thank you fowler homes!!
Honestly I wouldn’t go to any other builder! Yes it may have taken a extra month or two to fully complete, but it’s at perfection!! The quality and the most understanding people to work with! SCOTT McKillop has been extremely AMAZING! He is so helpful, listens to every matter and actions it right away. CATHY has been so patient, and addresses all needs all the time! both respond so fast!! I have had the BEST EXPERIENCE building with Fowler homes and dealing with both Cathy and Scott!! The designs they have are grand!!! Compared to any other builder! Especially the voids !!! Absoulty fair price!!! I’ve literally researched and spoke to so many builders before agreeing on a design and what you get from Fowler homes is a grand look with a great deal! Im glad I built with fowler homes. Dealings with Scott as a supervisor has been the best, I have not once stressed over this house because I know he has it all under control and if not he always covers it with no issues! Always on top of it. Best experience, extremely happy with our new HOME ♡♡
Sydney, NSW
From the moment we stepped into the Fowler homes sales office, we knew that we are in capable hands, we felt at ease dealing with the sales team and they made sure all our queries were answered to our satisfaction. Once we decided to go ahead, at every stage we were given correct information. Even during the selections appointments the staff was friendly, gave correct advise when asked and made sure our requirements were accommodated. Then came the exciting phase of Construction, this phase can also be one of the most stressful (at-least that’s what my friends told me) but the duo of Lidia Milostic and Tony Dicello made sure it was nothing but a stress free experience. I was regularly updated by Tony on the construction progress and him and his team made sure every deadline was met as promised. If there was any variation in the tender, Lidia was on top of things and made sure we all are on the same page on the scope of changes. And now that we have received the keys to our new home, let me tell you it’s a beautiful home. We can’t wait to move in!

Well done TEAM FOWLER. If I ever build my second home, guess what it’s going to be with FOWLER HOMES.
Atul S
Sydney, NSW
I am a builder myself, and the entire process we found Fowler to be great! Cathie came in to help when we were struggling through the contract stage and absolutely nailed it! Mick 100% went way above and beyond and built a PERFECT home for my wife and I! Mick is always contactable and has been a great communicator the whole build. He is still there for us closing out the final touches on our home, where we have heard other builders just drop you the second they hand you the keys.

100% will recommend (and have already recommended) Fowler for future builds for friends and family and hopefully ourselves again one day!
Matt & Lorraine
Sydney, NSW