Environment & Sustainability


What is the HIA GreenSmart initiative?

GreenSmart is a voluntary practical approach to building that focuses on educating builders, designers, product manufacturers and consumers about the benefits of environmentally responsible housing. Fowler Homes is GreenSmart accredited, and believes in the concept of satisfying our current needs in housing without compromising future generations.



We believe in the summer/winter compromise, which is to keep the heat out in summer and stop heat from escaping in winter, so that you are always comfortable. Our sales team are trained in solar access and orientation principles, by siting our homes using north facing living areas and minimum windows to the Western and Eastern elevations and maximizing windows to the North and South elevations. Our designers think about the solar passive design principles achieving climate responsive thermal performance of a home and promoting water, energy and resource efficiency of a home.

Some of our Sustainable Products are:

Masonry (Bricks) which has a good thermal mass and is recyclable. Bricks lead the way in sustainability and are the best choice for the environment. Most of the energy used in brick manufacture goes into firing and that’s where it all stops. Once used in building of the home bricks don’t need maintenance to upkeep there good looks or durability. A well designed house can also reduce heating and cooling costs – constantly adding to their reduced environmental impact. Brick walls are most able to moderate temperatures than lightweight walls. “Embodied Energy” – Brickworks unique combination of thermal capacitance and moderate heat conduction makes it an extremely effective ‘thermal battery” it holds heat when it experiences a temperature change, on a hot day brickwork can slow the passage of heat for up to eight hours by storing it in its mass before reaching the inside of the home by the time it is entering the home more than likely it has cooled down outside and the heat stored in the bricks will flow externally as the heat flows from hot to cool conditions. . In winter, internal mass absorbs, stores and slowly releases any heat generated internally or gained through the day.

Aluminum Windows we use Vantage Aluminum which is Basix accredited an energy rating system that has been implemented by the Australian Window Association with the support of the Australian Greenhouse Office.

Roof Tiles which are high density materials such as clay and concrete have a high thermal mass because a lot of energy is required to change their temperature. An eight to ten hour delay in energy flow can effectively produce a warmer house at night and a cooler house during the day.

Insulation to walls & ceilings which stops up to 70 per cent of heat transfers in your home, saves energy costs & reduces greenhouse gas emissions

Recycled crushed aggregate in our temporary driveways.

Gyprock off cuts are stored on site separately and picked up for recycling.

Brick off cuts are separated for recycling. Crushed bricks can be used in asphalt as a filler. Bricks can be used in land fill as they are chemically inert they will cause no damage

Fowler Homes is dedicated to following all the
BASIX (Building Sustainability Index) principles and regulations.

Basix ensures homes are designed to use less potable water and be responsible for fewer greenhouse gas emissions by setting energy and water reduction targets for houses and units using a wide range of options such as rainwater tanks, water-saving fixtures, improved insulation, passive solar orientation, natural lighting and native plants for gardens.

Fowler Homes building homes for today’s living without compromising future generations!