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We’re now halfway through the year and it’s interesting to see that interior trends are still evolving from what we saw earlier in the year to now. Whilst the trends identified earlier are still en vogue, as we enter the winter and cooler months – there’s a natural transition to more complex and aspirational designs […]


Buying your first home can take a massive leap of faith in not only yourself, but also in financial institutions, property markets, anyone looking to jump on the wagon with you and other extenuating factors. I mean, it’s going to be debt for the rest of your life in most cases, so it is a […]

5 Golden Rules for buying in a slowing market

Buying in Sydney used to be relatively simple, it was generally a case of buy as soon as you can and get whatever virtually fell within your budget. You’d never really worry about the rest because the market typically always took care of it. However, given the spate of tax incentives, grants, lending criteria – […]

What’s this under utilised option for First Home Buyers?

Buying your first home in Sydney is a monumental task – there’s no denying that. First Home buyers for years have had to sit back and watch Sydney’s property market grow exponentially to the point where hope seemed lost forever that they would ever be able to purchase. Fast forward 2 or 3 years and […]

KDR’s are rising in popularity

Knockdown Rebuilds or KDR’s as they‘re affectionately known in the industry are projects that as its name suggests, involve knocking down old or existing property and rebuilding a brand new residence in its place. We’ve been doing them for a while now and recently have noticed a spate of inquiries coming our way requesting quotes […]

Why now is the best time to buy

Ok, we’ll be the first to admit that our property market has slowed slightly. However, there’s a fair distinction between the doom and gloom that seems to be doing the rounds amongst media circles and how the actual market is performing. We can’t comment too much about the rest of Australia, but Sydney is experiencing […]

Sacrificing more than “avo-on-toast” for their first home

Millennials have often been targeted as an “avo-on-toast” eating generation who long ago gave up on purchasing their own homes due to property markets locking them out with exorbitant prices particularly in major cities such as Melbourne and Sydney. However, that trend might be changing with ING’s new Millennial Homeownership Report finding that the majority […]

The Best Ways to Utilise Land and House Packages Sydney

  If you’re interested in finding land and house packages Sydney, it’s important to know how you can make the best out of them. Because, of course, you’re going to be bombarded with so many options from different real estate agents and companies trying to sell you the best. Here at Fowler Homes, we take […]

What to remember when buying our home

Buying a house for many will be the single most important purchase of their lives, we’re talking a significant amount of money to be spent on what is most likely to be the home you’ll live in for the rest of your life. In today’s property market it is important to note that when you’re […]

Designed for life

DESIGNED FOR LIFE Steered by passion for innovative design, we are not just another home builder. Our homes offer difference and individuality to create a lasting impression. Our endless ideas come from having our finger on the pulse of the latest trends and products to ensure our designs are progressive and leading the market. Fowler […]